En-tête Harmonicas sur Cher 2016

Festival 2017

13 February 2017
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Blues à Chateauvieux 2016

18 August 2016
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Blues à Châteauvieux 2015

24 August 2015
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Festival 2015

17 March 2015
Festival 2015

The tenth “Harmonicas sur Cher” International Festival brings together music, artistes and audience around an instrument that is small in size but huge in its expressive possibilities.  The pocket, travelling companion of many immigrants, it breathes many styles of music.  It meets many desires but also overcomes many constraints.

This year we are proud to present a wide range of artistes from very different backgrounds.  The Tireux d’Roches and D’Harmo (quartet) are coming especially from Quebec; their playlists being inspired by the traditional music of this beautiful country.  Greg Zlap appearing solo, (abandoning Jonny Halliday, the famous French Rock’;n’ Roll Star) will reveal his true personality, both warm and sensitive.   Do not miss the poetry of Cadijo, the swing of Bordario, the energy of the Weeping Widows, the hypnotic trance of Strange Primitives and the virtuosity of Duo Romance.  We encourage you to discover the originality of the puppet show, ‘Love’ from the Niouton Theatre group who combine puppets and harmonica.  

You can also meet with leading harmonica manufacturers and passionate audiences from all over France and beyond.

On behalf of the entire team of volunteers from the Association, and all those who support this event, I wish you a great festival.

Christophe Minier
Artistic Director

The new poster 2015, designed by Katacri

Blues à Chateauvieux 2014

1 August 2014

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La 11ème édition de Blues à Châteauvieux, aura lieu le samedi 27 septembre 2014.

Nous aurons le plaisir d'accueillir un groupe local du Loir et Cher en plein essor."Les gratteurs de souffles"

C'est en écoutant la musique du Mississippi au bord de la Loire etde ses châteaux que les deux blaisois Julien CORMIER (harmonicas,dobro) et Stéphane DECOUARD (guitares, stompbox) ont créé en avril2012 "Les Gratteurs de Souffles" bientôt rejoints par Benoît Chrétien.

Puisant leur inspiration, non pas dans les histoires des champs decoton, mais plutôt dans les mémoires de la Touraine et de laSologne, les deux musiciens vous font voyager dans un universinstrumental à travers des compositions originales teintées deblues et de jazz.Ils sont les gagnants du tremplin de la MJC de Romorantion en2013.

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