En-tête Harmonicas sur Cher 2019


Pedro Kouyate et le Mandika Transe Acoustique

Pedro Kouyate et le Mandika Transe Acoustique. copyright :

Mandinka Trance Acoustic band was founded by the malian griot Pedro Kouyate. He has played with famous musicians such as Toumani Diabate and Boubacar Traore. Pédro Kouyaté transport us into an hypnotic trance, inspired by his malian roots (pentatonic scales, hunter's songs) but enriched by nowaday sounds. Pedro's deep voice, the rhythmic touch of his n'goni (kind of Malian guitar), and incredible harp playing of Vincent Bucher, Mandinka Trance Acoustic give us some very refreshingly original music.

  • Pédro Kouyaté : lead vocal, n’goni, guitar
  • Vincent Bucher : harmonica
  • Florent Dupuit: tenor sax , flute
  • Nelson Hamilcaro: bass
  • Nayaf : calabash, djembe
  • Renaud : drums

Pedro Kouyaté on Myspace:http://www.myspace.com/pedrokouyate

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