En-tête Harmonicas sur Cher 2019



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Bill Barrett - chromatic & diatonic harmonicas, harmonetta & sheng Scot Ray - 6, 12, & 22 string slide guitars The cross-cultural free folk duo Gutpuppet is comprised of LA based chromatic harmonica innovator Bill Barrett alongside Grammy award-winning multi-instrumentalist Scot Ray on slide guitar (up to 22 strings!). Gutpuppet is a genre-bending acoustic project that swings the sonic trapeze between Delta Blues, North Indian raga, Bluegrass, and Gypsy imbued transmutations. Come check out what the press has called 'The best of many worlds...all blended superbly together.' - DMG, NY; " Odd-metered bluegrass a go-go. Another nail in the coffin of dead-end blues, the demonstration that, if we're lucky enough, heaven-made acoustic music enters our humble garden one way or another." - Touching Extremes, Italy; "Fruitfully elevated roots-inspired thematic forays into boundless frontiers for the mind’s eye...all subsidized by monster chops and acute vision." All About Jazz, LA; “This is more than recommended listening - it should be compulsory!" - Harmonica World, UK; "Shitkick stuff, keening India mojo, balladic meditation." - Metaljazz, LA

Gutpuppet on Myspace :http://www.myspace.com/gutpuppet

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