En-tête Harmonicas sur Cher 2019


Duo Rouillé Simon

Duo Rouillé Simon. copyright :

Purely acoustic and classical concert in the old Prevote house.

Staging "The History of Tango" by Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla in 2007 has been this original duet's cornerstone - original in terms of what is best qualified as learned music. Its repertoire, which already includes works by Fauré, Satie, Celso Machado, now also boasts a composition by Argentine musician Maximo Diego Pujol. In 2008 they fine-tuned their rendition of "The History of Tango" on the advice of the great Argentine guitarist Roberto Aussel, who has been Astor Piazzolla's dedicatee. On this occasion, they'll be performing at the 2008 International Classical Guitar and Pinched Strings Festival in Nantes. Bruno Rouillé, who will be playing the chromatic harmonica, has performed live with Bill Deraime and Neal Black on the diatonic harmonica in the 1990's. The classical guitarist Cyrille Simon has been the disciple of both the Uruguayan master Betho Davezac and the Argentine master Roberto Aussel. The acoustic concert that will take place at the Prévôté will undoubtedly please even the most demanding music-lovers out there...

  • Bruno Rouillé: harmonicas chromatique
  • Cyrille Simon : guitare

Duo Rouillé Simon on Myspace:http://www.myspace.com/simonrouille

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