En-tête Harmonicas sur Cher 2019


Etranges Primitifs

Ethno Jazz
Etranges Primitifs. copyright : (c) La Chaudière
(c) La Chaudière

In their own way, they recreate human and cultural moments like famous travellers, such as
Hsuan Tsang, Marco Polo or Pierre Loti.

As in an initiatory dream, they sing through their flutes, invoking sleeping spirits with their Jaw’s Harp, shake ritual bells, beat wood and leather with their feet, strumming, hammering casks and catguts, sculpting haunting melodies with their iron and reed blades.

Jean-Luc Peilhon : harmonicas, clarinet, flutes, Jaw's harp, shakuhachi, etc
Pierre-Yves Voisin : drums, flutes, vielle du Rajasthan, Gembri Gnawa, etc
Manu Vallognes : fretless bass

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